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Hi Hi Everyone!

I made a journal header image for any of you that might like it..
I made it from the back cover of Hate me Hate me not..

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also an icon I made awhile ago that matches..

You can go to my journal fatal_femme to see it used and I also have a friends only banner aswell :)

Feel free to use any of it.
ROYAI Phone convo


I got on Ebay and went Roy crazy!
I won the Roy plush I wrote about before, yay!
I got my keychain and the Roy dogtag necklace in the mail today..
I am still waiting on the starter deck and I also bid on a smaller Roy and Riza plush..
Does anyone know where I can get the book blue roy/riza figure?
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[ADULT SWIM] is going to be airing the new episodes 27 thru 36 Saturday nights at Midnight.. YAY!!

We all know what that means right?


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and more...

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and most importantly, more...

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